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Our mission is to help families in need of financial and business literacy to improve their chances to access home ownership.

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In Fall of 2019, we provided home retention services for an elderly lady in Florida. She was facing a home foreclosure due to a previous loan modification that fell through with her previous lender. The board of directors is all business owners. We donated financial resources and labor to hire contractors to repair the home to restore the use of her bathroom toilet and bathtub. In addition, we hired an attorney to help negotiate the terms for a new loan modification so she can stay in her home. We also provided her with credit repair services and business development services.

In 2020, during and throughout the overlay of the pandemic we were able to successfully assist 47 people to become new homeowners. We facilitated this by providing free credit repair services, financial literacy, business development services, and money management strategies. This process was facilitated by partnering with realtors, mortgage lenders, lawyers, investment property lenders, tax professionals, and business consultants to help these clients step by step.

In 2021, we currently have 21 active clients. We are providing these same services, to assist them in new homeownership. Fresh Community Development Inc is working towards becoming a HUD Approved agency so we can further our mission of increasing homeownership in Florida. Our board of directors of community professionals is working together to provide resources to increase clients’ access to affordable housing and homeownership. Our non-profit organization has expanded and currently operating in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida.

This fall we created a homeownership program called Homeownership Depot. This program currently has 8 couples and 19 individuals going through our program to become home owners. Our 2022 goal is to reach 500 people to become homeowners. We are currently working with attorneys and lenders to provide foreclosure prevention programming. As you know, these professional services are needed by people who may not be in a position to afford their services. Our contacts have agreed to provide these services at a fraction of the cost to clients that are living check to check. If they can give us a deep discount on their end, we know that we can count on your to support by giving to this program. Your donation will support the fees for educational materials for participants, legal fees to resolve foreclosure, and down payment assistance to new homeowners.

Tampa, FL
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 84-3487570

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