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Promote environmental conservation and sustainability in Colombia.

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In a highly biodiverse country and at the same time affected by violence, inequality, and interests in strategic natural resources, the EMERGER FUND aims to promote knowledge, management and environmental conservation and sustainability in Colombia, for this it finances through the financing of environmental, conservation and sustainable development plans, programs and projects carried out by community and non-governmental organizations independently or in coordination with public entities, through the delivery of direct funds. The purposes of public or social interests that make up the object of The EMERGER FUND are the following: - Obtain resources from different sources, including those derived from international cooperation and public entities, to be used to finance the different activities that constitute the object of The EMERGER FUND, which include direct interventions, the strengthening of beneficiary organizations, the realization of volunteer programs and the growth of national and international allies. - Make agreements and exchanges with similar institutions from other countries, in order to obtain resources, technology transfer, or support in the field of human resources training or the execution of programs and projects of an environmental nature, prioritizing alliances that come from similar countries. - Promote and support the formation of plans, programs and projects, whose purpose is the management, conservation and knowledge of the environment and sustainability in Colombia, as well as cooperate with entities that have similar objectives. - Support the development of training and education in the field object of The EMERGER FUND. Since 2020, the Fund's successful relationship with organizations such as the IAF, Global Green Grants, Open Society Foundation, among others, has allowed us to reach 41 community-based organizations throughout the country, especially in humid forest, tropical jungle, and rural areas, and guarantee resources to finance 110 more organizations in 2023. With your contribution, we will be able to reach more than 500 remote communities that have initiatives with an environmental focus, developing capacities in these territories. See institutional reports and achievements on our website:

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