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Our mission is to mobilize Greek youth in climate action projects through a paid civic service model.

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Ecogenia is a non-profit that was established in Greece in 2021. Its mission is to mobilize youth through civic service to create a resilient and sustainable Greece. Its vision is to become a national program, where every young person (18-30) has the opportunity to complete a paid service term of up to one year to lead local climate action projects and address community needs across the 13 regions of Greece. Ecogenia is inspired by the core values of action, collaboration, service, resilience, optimism, commitment, and equity.

Program Details
Ecogenia is heading to Mt. Olympus and invites you to help them reach the peak! In Spring 2024, the team will again be putting boots on the ground to lead their first disaster management pilot. This project will combine ecotourism program impact (trail maintenance and revitalization work) with disaster management (wildfire fuel reduction, fire breaks, community engagement). Litochoro will serve as the home base for the project and will include work in the foothills of Mt. Olympus National Park. This pilot project is part of a strategic partnership with the U.S. Embassy and in collaboration with the California Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC plans to send a team of young people from their program to Greece to work alongside Ecogenia cohort members for a training exchange. The goal of the exchange is to incorporate best practices from the CCC on how to utilize a youth corps program to accelerate this critically important work and to understand how to best scale across the country.

With your generous support, we aim to equip the next generation of leaders with essential skills in disaster management - specifically wildfire prevention and community preparedness. Together, we'll leave an enduring legacy of resilience, ensuring that this culturally and environmentally significant site stands tall for generations to come. Join us in shaping a future where communities are prepared, our natural treasures are safeguarded, and young minds are empowered to lead the way. Every contribution, big or small, takes us closer to a resilient Greece and a protected Mt. Olympus. Together, let's reach new heights and forge a legacy of stewardship. #PathToOlympus