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Climate change is the biggest threat to the future of humanity. Welcome to Climate Basecamp, a new way of talking about climate.

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Climate Change
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Climate change is the biggest threat to the future of humanity. Fact.

We must make the world understand that this is a fact because we need a different future.​ A future where delivering scientific facts about climate change has a long-term effect on opinions and attitudes. ​

And that's our mission, to ‘speak science to culture’.​ Because culture reaches communities connected through shared passions, interests and heritage.​

We imagine a world where the brilliance of science cuts through the clutter to make climate facts accessible and accepted by as many people as possible, regardless of social status, income or political beliefs.​

Our approach uses cultural vehicles as a lever for change. ​Five areas we will influence: Food, Entertainment, Music, Sport, Fashion. ​

​We create attention grabbing tactical events, social media activations, artworks and videos. ​

​​Climate Basecamp is a revolutionary blend of scientific experts and social trendsetters. We speak the truth and we are daring. Most importantly, we are committed to getting everybody talking about climate change, not just scientists and activists.

Our first activation was at the start of New York Climate Week where we called upon people to 'Save the Flavors' by raising awareness of endangered ingredients that are at risk from a warming climate.

We are an offshoot of the wildly successful Arctic Basecamp, which has a proven track record of innovative initiatives including Arctic Melt - bottling Greenland meltwater and bringing an iceberg to COP 26 in Glasgow and the Arctic Risk Name Changer campaign that generated over 100k names in 72 hours.

Our Founding Directors are:

Professor Gail Whiteman, an expert in global risk arising from the systemic changes occurring in the natural environment. Gail is the founder of Arctic Basecamp and a Professor of Sustainability at the University of Exeter Business School (UK).

Rainn Wilson, an American actor, comedian, writer, director, businessman and producer. A committed climate change advocate, Rainn is also an active member of the Arctic Basecamp Advisory Board.

Chuck Tatham, a comedy writer and producer. Chuck is an active member of the Arctic Basecamp Advisory Board and sometime polar bear.

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