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Alignment Ecosystem Development builds and maintains many pieces of infrastructure around the AI Existential Safety ecosystem.

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AED has a strong track record of supporting the creation, ongoing maintenance and improvement of various AI safety field-building projects. Here is a list:

  • AI Existential Safety Map ( Map displaying the main organisations, projects, and programs currently operating in the AI safety space. Incubated and maintained by AED in collaboration with an EA artist.

  • AI Safety Training ( Displays all available training programs, courses, conferences, and other events for AI safety. Based on a database from AI Safety Support, AED provided the front-end development and continues to maintain it.

  • AI Safety Communities ( Comprehensive directory of local and online communities working on AI safety. Built and maintained by AED, it is also linked to on the AI Safety Fundamentals website.

  • AI Safety Careers ( An overview of the organisations working on AI existential safety, optimised for upcoming researchers. Built by AED at Ryan Kidd's request, but not yet launched due to the need for someone to handle the content side. Vael Gates has recently expressed interest in it.

  • Grantmakers for AI Alignment ( Network of grantmakers and regranters for AI safety.

  • EA Domains ( List of reserved domains that may be useful for future EA projects, especially AI safety. Built and maintained by AED.

  • Alignment Ecosystem Development website ( Central hub for connecting potential volunteers to AI safety projects.

  • Agent Foundations for Superintelligence-Robust Alignment ( New course produced by AED. Currently being launched.

  • AI Safety Orgs, Projects & Programs Anki Deck ( Flashcard deck helping people gain a broad understanding of the AI safety landscape. Built and maintained by AED.

  • AI Safety Fundamentals Local Groups ( Index of groups endorsed by AI Safety Fundamentals as ways to get more involved with AI safety communities. Julia Karbing recently transferred management of this to AED.

We also partner with and support many other projects, such as:

  • ( Currently being rebuilt with the aim of making it the central hub for AI safety. Close partner project of AED.

  • AI Safety Info ( Interactive FAQ serving as a single-point-of-access to AI safety. Led by Rob Miles, this is a close partner project of AED.

  • AI Safety Events ( Platform for people to discover and engage with events related to AI safety, both in-person and online. Close partner project of AED. Not yet launched.

  • AI Safety Quest ( Helping people navigate the AI safety space with a welcoming human touch, offering personalised guidance and fostering collaborative study and project groups. Incubated and advised by AED.

  • EA Gather Town ( Always-open virtual coworking environment and social space for networking and collaboration. AED partner project.