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Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (FARMS) works with and protects farmers, while reducing hunger in rural areas.

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Land loss is an epidemic that has plagued Black farmers and landowners. Every year, 30,000 acres of Black landownership is lost primarily due to non-payment of property tax, eminent domain, unprofitable business models, discrimination, generational out-migration, and lack of estate planning.
Many ask,“what is the point of retaining land ownership?” The ultimate purpose of retaining the land is to pass it down to the next generation as a family legacy. However, if the youth are disinterested in agriculture, the purpose of family preservation is loss. F.A.R.M.S. is committed to creating and supporting programs that educate youth about agriculture in innovative ways. By working with landowners to retain land through various estate planning and land protection means, the availability of land will not be lost to the next generation.

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