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A foundation that provides scholarships for students lacking opportunities to learn.

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The Yuvabadhana Foundation in Thailand is dedicated to building futures through education and assisting young people lacking opportunities to learn by providing scholarships until grade 12, or until the equivalent level of a technical school. There are approximately 5 million underprivileged children in Thailand today. Every year hundreds of thousands of children drop out of school in order to work to support themselves and their families. These children are denied the opportunity to learn, develop and make quality contributions to their communities and nation. As of June 2018, the foundation is supporting 6,890 children with scholarships, and about 5,400 have already graduated. Many of the graduates from the scholarship program now donate to the program so that other kids are given the same opportunities to learn as they have. Yuvabadhana also provides education development tools for better quality of teaching and volunteer mentoring.

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