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Directly fund life-changing surgeries for people around the world

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We are 100% committed to being radically transparent, impact-focused, and patient-centered.

Five billion people lack access to safe, basic, and affordable surgical care, yet this is an area that remains vastly underfunded. We are bringing people together around the world to change this and reach patients who are most likely to be left without access to safe surgery.

The New York Times wrote that "Watsi represents the next generation of charities,” a generation that leverages technology to enable anyone everywhere to create meaningful, lasting impact for those most in need, embraces 100% transparency, and focuses on our shared humanity by helping supporters create a direct connection with the patients they are helping.

Watsi has also been recognized by CNN as one of its top 10 startups to watch and the White House as a "Champion of Change." Watsi’s innovative and effective approach drew the early attention of Y Combinator, which selected Watsi as their very first non-profit.

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