Start volunteering anytime, anywhere.

Like the organizations we support, is a nonprofit, and we are able to run more efficiently thanks to the help of our volunteers.

Help keep nonprofit profiles up-to-date

With our volunteers’ help, nonprofits can fundraise on without having to spend time marketing or learn new technologies. Many nonprofit websites and social pages are outdated or uninspiring. We want to make it easy for any nonprofit — no matter how small or tech-savvy — to have a profile they be proud of and rely on.

We use public data to make the profiles, but many profiles are incomplete and outdated. We would love your help in updating these profiles and making the central hub for nonprofit information.

Get started now

You don't have to wait for us to start contributing! Watch the below video for a demonstration on how to make edits.

  1. Search keywords 🔍
  2. Find nonprofits that are missing content 💔
  3. Click to go to their profile
  4. Click "Suggest edit" under "Learn more"

Once you submit an edit, the team will review and approve the edit. Remember to keep and images messages positive and hopeful. All of the information must be publicly available online from other sources so that we can verify it. Thank you so much for your help! 😊

Become a super contributor

Once you contribute quality edits to many profiles, we may invite you to become a super contributor. You'll receive moderation access and be invited to collaborate with us more directly!

Want to contribute other skills?

If you want to help in other ways, please let us know your skills and background at!