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More than 600 animals live at our LGBTQ-led farmed animal sanctuary. We work for social and environmental justice as well as animal liberation. VINE = "Veganism Is the Next Evolution" but also "Veganism Is Not Enough."

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At the local level, we seek: • To provide sanctuary for local animals who have escaped or been rescued from injurious circumstances; • To learn and teach about the dairy, egg, and poultry industries; and • To demonstrate that both diet change and agriculture reform are both possible and positive. At the national and international levels, we seek: • As space allows, to offer sanctuary to roosters rescued from cockfighting, cows rescued from dairying, and other animals rescued from other abusive circumstances; • To share our expertise in order to promote rehabilitation rather than euthanization of roosters used in cockfighting; • To speak out as people who have lived in regions despoiled by the poultry and dairy industries, in hope of checking the worldwide spread of factory farming; • To promote awareness, among both animal advocate and social or environmental justice activists, of the connections between the exploitation of animals and problems such as poverty, hunger, sexism, racism, violence, and ecocide • To join, promote, and/or coordinate coalition efforts; and • To draw upon our long history of activism in various movements in order to increase the efficacy of animal advocacy and liberation organizations.

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