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The Salvation Army is an international Christian movement united by faith and giving hope where it’s needed most. The work reaches every demographic, bringing hope to people experiencing hardship or injustice.

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The Salvation Army Australia is an international Christian movement united by faith and committed to bringing hope to those in need. Their work spans cities, country towns, and rural communities, reaching people of all demographics and age groups. They address national issues and provide hope to those facing hardship or injustice. Since its establishment in nineteenth-century London, the organization has expressed its faith through charitable endeavors, offering both spiritual and social support. The Salvation Army believes in reaching out to God with one hand and reaching out to the world with the other. 
Within The Salvation Army, there exists a dedicated department known as 'Salvation Army Emergency Services,' which focuses on responding to disasters. This department has staff and volunteers located in every state and territory, along with a fleet of assets used in disaster response, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. The organization's services encompass a vast network of community support, drawing on experts from various fields to aid in the recovery process. The Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams are among the first relief teams to arrive on the ground after a disaster and provide essential emergency catering services. 
The Salvation Army operates at the local, regional, and national levels in every state and territory in Australia. The responses ranged from small to significant. During the floods in early 2022 across Queensland and New South Wales, Salvation Army Australia was active in 10 to 15 evacuation centers, distributing millions of dollars in aid to those impacted. 
In a disaster context, the Salvation Army has been present in responding to every major disaster event in Australia. With national coverage across the country, the Salvation Army focuses on Emergency Relief and Response, including the provision of medical support, psychosocial support, food relief, emergency food rations, and shelter management. Additionally, they focus on livelihood recovery, providing alternative livelihood support and capacity building to restore or strengthen people's livelihoods.   
The Salvation Army has a dedicated department called 'Salvation Army Emergency Services,' specifically designed to respond to disasters. This department has staff and volunteers located in every state and territory. With a vast network of community services, drawing on experts from a range of fields to assist in the recovery journey, the Salvation Army can provide an immediate response during a disaster event.


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