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No one can argue the premise that women have made great strides in gender equality over the years. In countries such as America, opportunities for women are vir…tually equivalent to those for men. Unfortunately, however, there still lies a definitive line between gender in third world countries such as India. News reports of gendercide, honor killings, and infanticide still consume the media all over the world about the unfortunate state of women in these countries. In America, we see women working as cops, politicians, and CEOs; whereas in India, the image of a woman is still largely confined to a subservient housewife. Time has revealed that women do not lack anything that men possess. Women, too, can make differences in society and improve the world. Then why are women still limited in what they can achieve? Suhanee strives to eliminate the belief that women are inferior to men in any way. Suhanee supports education for young, underprivileged girls in India and encourages them to become leaders of tomorrow. Freeing them from stereotypes, Suhanee uplifts young girls from nonsensical labels and enables them to fulfill their potentials and reach for the stars.

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