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Nonprofit organization focused on community development. Building fiscally resilient, prosperous cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

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The Strong Towns approach is a radically new way of thinking about the way we build our world. We believe that in order to truly thrive, our cities and towns must:

Stop valuing efficiency and start valuing resilience. Stop betting our futures on huge, irreversible projects, and start taking small, incremental steps and iterating based on what we learn. Stop fearing change and start embracing a process of continuous adaptation. Stop building our world based on abstract theories, and start building it based on how our places actually work and what our neighbors actually need today. Stop obsessing about future growth and start obsessing about our current finances.

But most importantly, we believe that Strong Citizens from all walks of life can and must participate in a Strong Towns approach—from citizens to leaders, professionals to neighbors, and everyone in between. And that means we need you.

Brainerd, MN
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 27-1459378