Sound foundations NW is a non-profit builder of tiny houses for the homeless in seattle

Sound Foundations NW

Sound Foundations NW builds tiny homes as transitional shelter for our homeless neighbors while they await permanent housing

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Villages not Encampments. Sound Foundations NW’s goal is to be a part of the solution to end homelessness by building transitional tiny homes as alternatives to tents, doorways, and encampments for our homeless neighbors awaiting permanent housing. We have a plan to make sure that every homeless man, woman, and child has a roof over their head and a lock on their door, all to keep them warm, safe, and dry.

Tiny home villages offer transitional shelter in community settings. Through our all-volunteer building model, we currently build one tiny home for about $4500 worth of materials and our homes are built to last 20 years. Based on current averages, each transitional tiny home provides a warm, safe, dry, and secure space to bring 3 people off the streets each year – meaning up to sixty sheltered citizens over the life of each home.

To date, we have built more than 490 tiny homes that helped move nearly 3000 people off the streets over the past two years. Now, we need your help to continue tackling this problem!

Building tiny homes is a practical and tangible way to help relieve the crisis of unsheltered homelessness all around us. You can be a part of this critical effort by supporting Sound Foundations NW. Please make a generous one-time or ongoing donation, today. If your situation allows, please consider sponsoring one or more complete tiny homes at the $4500 level.

Please know that your gift, at any amount, makes a visible difference right now as we strive for our ambitious goal to complete our 500th tiny home and continue bringing our unsheltered neighbors inside and off the ground. Thank you!

Normandy Park, WA
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 85-3697725

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