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Empowering women to be independent and confident to make their own choices. Help them so that they could help others.

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Social Health Growth Ltd (SHG) helps single parent and unwed mothers to bring them back into society. SHG educates them and provides food rations to their children, of which they are underprivileged children. The donors and volunteers also join efforts by making donations and volunteering in their programs.

SHG was established in 2012 with a focus on single parent, unwed mothers and their underprivileged children. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all", SHG aims to achieve a better future for our beneficiaries.

SDG 1: Financial Literacy Program, Computer and Mobile Literacy Program, Savings Program, Diapers and Milk Powder Distribution Program

While Singapore may not have a poverty line, income disparity remains a worrying issue as the gap continues to widen, leaving many of our beneficiaries barely able to afford their needs and yet not eligible for social assistance.

Through the provision of financial literacy, computer and mobile literacy classes, beneficiaries would be able to understand long-term financial planning while also working on self-improvement to attain better-paying jobs. Children are also involved in the savings program to get them started on the habit of saving. Furthermore, SHG provides baby necessities to alleviate their costs of living.

SDG 2: Food Distribution Program

Through our provision of food ration including vouchers to purchase fresh vegetables, we hope to encourage mindful eating habits while eliminating hunger within households. Most households tend to give up healthy foods in place of filling meals that may not be as nutritious. Children growing up in such environments tend to lack the nutrition necessary for cognitive development that impairs their overall well-being including low energy that impacts learning.

SDG 3: Health Talk and Health Dance Program

In line with the UN's goal to reduce premature mortality, SHG conducts health talks and weekly health dance sessions for mothers to be actively engaged. SHG also aims to raise awareness amongst the beneficiaries, while hoping for them to be health ambassadors in the future.

SDG 4: Children Enrichment Program

Being mindful of the children’s developmental needs, SHG hires tutors to support the educational needs of the children. The Children Enrichment Program is currently held online for children aged 4 and above to help them garner interest in learning and to be academically on par with their classmates.

SDG 5: Women Empowerment and Leadership Management Program

Upon realization that there was no specific charitable organization catering to the needs of the single, unwed mothers and their children, SHG was set up with the intent of making it possible for these beneficiaries who have been overlooked by society, to be empowered and independent women capable of providing for themselves and their children's needs.

SDG 8: Jobs Creation Program

SHG promotes job creation and entrepreneurship among our beneficiaries by giving them sewing projects that are sold through the sponsor's personal channels. These projects provide our beneficiaries with opportunities to learn a new trade without interfering with their caregiving duties.