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The Teacher Foundation (aka: Shraddha Trust)

Teacher training, coaching &, supporting educators, School leadership; Inclusive Education practices; Whole school well-being

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TTF's Vision is “To make schools enabling environments for all students by empowering educators to become energetic, effective, reflective practitioners and life-long learners".

Since 2002, The Teacher Foundation (TTF) has worked tirelessly with nearly 100,000 teachers, headteachers & teacher educators, with the aim of infusing the school education system in India with fresh energy, enthusiasm and expertise. TTF works with both urban & rural, across India and a few countries outside too. It is committed to promoting the development of schools and educators throughout India and the sub-continent.

The Teacher Foundation’s core value lies in the deep belief that “our schools are only as good as their teachers”. Unlike any other teaching resource and technology, teachers do not have a shelf-life! An empowered and competent teacher never gets out-of-date. TTF’s enduring focus has been on embedding great teaching practices through building internal capacity in schools; fostering gentler, more positive & purposeful school cultures for overall institutional wellbeing. TTF has done trail blazing work in social-emotional learning, with the development of its empirically researched age-banded Indian Social Emotional Learning Framework or ISELF. ISELF has been mapped by Harvard University's EASEL lab along with other SEL frameworks from across the world ISELF has been found to have the most depth of focus in absolute values. TTF is managed by Shraddha Trust.