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Second Chance Animal Services

E Brookfield, MA


Helping over 40,000 pets a year through veterinary care, adoption services, outreach programs, and a pet food pantry.

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One of saddest things is watching a pet owner walk out a shelter door in tears, leaving behind a scared and bewildered pet they love, but could not afford to keep. Second Chance is more than just a shelter, providing access to affordable veterinary care and a pet food pantry program to help keep people and pets together. Since the shelter was founded 22 years ago, time and again owners coming to our shelter door to say goodbye to a beloved pet told us they could not afford to keep their pet. Some could not afford veterinary bills because their pet was ill, others had lost a job or a spouse and could no longer provide basic care and food.

Second Chance has 4 Community Veterinary Hospitals providing access to affordable veterinary care to underserved communities and bringing services directly to pets in the community through the Homebound to the Rescue program and local vaccine clinics. Our pet food pantry program distributes pet food to local food pantries so no pet goes hungry.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 04-3490671


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