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Committed to creating a future of self-reliance for orphaned and at-risk youth in Mangochi, Malawi.

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RiseUp Malawi is a faith based organization* motivated by the Word of God to serve others through the gift of education. We aim to achieve real social change through carefully designed educational initiatives that empower young individuals in Malawi to recognize and make use of their God given skills and abilities. We value education as the primary means to a future of self-reliance and work closely with village elders, government officials, moms, dads, teachers and youth to listen to their real needs and provide a hand-up, not hand outs. Our programs are designed with the “whole child” approach, ensuring each of our children is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Good health is especially critical to a child’s ability to learn, so we empower their parents through our farming training programs so that our students aren’t going to school on an empty stomach.

In addition to our programs we also count job creation as part of our mission, hiring local and prioritizing Malawian workers over international ones. This helps us understand the real needs of our community so that we can say we are an organization run by Malawians, for Malawians.

Sustainability is another value we prioritize and design our programs around. Instead of being solely growth focused, we aim to stay steady so we can stay long-term. Our long-term goal is to foster independence by creating in-country assets that can be used to generate income apart from donor dollars. We want to disrupt the historical over dependence on aid mentality by equipping our children and their families with the skills they need to find success on their own.

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