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Takes its name from the Quipus (key-pus), a mnemonic device used by the Incas as a special system to record statistical information about the Empire. The Quipus were strands of yarn of different lengths and colors. On each strand, there were

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Our Mission: Channeling educational resources, information and assistance. Our Objectives: * Channel resources, materials and knowledge distributed all over the world towards Peru and Latin America. * Provide technical assistance for establishing low cost interdepartmental networks in Peru. * Promote the development of educational programs and make these programs available to the rural sectors of Peru. * Support our Peruvian professionals in Peru and to show the world the marvelous qualities of our natural medicines, of our Inca heritage and of our people. Within this framework, QuipuNet promotes the collaboration and mutual assistance for an exchange of information and experiences, not only in Peru, but also throughout the Hispanic world.

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