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Trains qualified, rescued pit bulls, to be service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, skilled companion and companions for Veterans and First Responders in need. The Pits for Patriots Program, is committed to helping our country’s patriots, in addition to educating the public as to the loyalty, devotion, and commitment of the pit bull breed.


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Pits for Patriots is a Chicagoland based organization who’s training team is currently training rescued pit bulls to become service dogs, therapy dogs, emotiona...l support dogs, skilled companion dogs, companion dogs and working dogs for veterans and first responders in need. Our service dogs are trained to help improve our client’s quality of life in their day to day living. The dogs also help increase the clients comfort with their socialization skills and ability to go out in public calmly. Our service dogs can help with opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights, retrieval of items, pushing buttons, carrying back packs and small packages, assisting clients with mobility and balance problems as well as assist with tasks for those in a wheelchair. The service dogs are able to wear a harness for clients with severe balance and mobility issues alleviating the use of a cane in many instances. Pits for Patriots also trains mental health assistance dogs for those that suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. These dogs are trained to help with panic prevention, deep pressure calming, backpacking medications and information, boundary control, anxiety alerts, and nightmare interruption. . They will also help the client with grounding and social interaction skills. The dogs are trained to be “seen and not heard”, for example when entering a restaurant the dog will go under table and not react to the public. All of our service dogs are held to highest standards. Our dogs are CGC certified as well as being held to the strict standards of ADI. Pits For Patriots is currently involved with education to the canine, veteran, and first responder communities. We participate in many events to educate the public about the devotion of the pit bull breed. We are also dedicated to spreading awareness to the needs of our military and public service personnel. We provide education and in-service programs to hospitals, restaurants, public facilities, airports, and medical providers about service dogs, the laws, and the benefits to being a service dog friendly institution. Pits For Patriots clients receive training on how to handle public access concerns and confrontations, as well as advocates to help clients that come across problems in community. The recipient of a Pits For Patriots dog receives that dog at no cost. All training is funded by private contributions and donations. Mehr anzeigen
Carol Stream, IL
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 37-1638083