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Where art, architecture, spirituality and historical memory are all interwoven

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Where art, architecture, spirituality and historical memory are all interwoven

Since the 14th century the Opera di Santa Croce has supported the conservation and development of the Monumental Complex a site that is a precious legacy to all mankind. Today the Opera is a non religous, non-profit organization, that carries out its mission of safeguarding and enhancement without any public subsidy, thanks only to funds raised with paid visits and private donations. Santa Croce is home to the Greats; Michelangelo, Gallileo, Machiavelli, Dante, and Rossini to name just some who have their tombs or monuments here as well as the precious Giotto frescos and other inestimable works for the delight of our international visitors. The Santa Croce Monumental Complex needs constant attention to conserve its heritage for future generations. Join us in this great task: every stone, fresco, stained glass section and slab of marble of Santa Croce's magnificent architecture will survive through the centuries to come, all thanks to your generosity .You can choose to fund a specific project or make a general donation and help us to cover the costs for the more urgent restoration and care, as well as the day to day overall cleaning and art maintenance. If you choose to make a general donation your help will go where it's needed most. Any contribution, however large or small, will be accepted with deep gratitude. Visit our website for more: www.santacroceopera


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