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Michael J Dias Foundation Inc

Ludlow, MA


Michael J Dias Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization focused on mental health and crisis intervention. It is based in Ludlow.

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Our model is to allow recovering individuals to live & democratically run an alcohol and drug-free living environment which supports the recovery of every resident. The self-governing policies of the house create and nurture abstinence-specific social support networks. In the absence of professional staff, residents are forced to develop rules and policies, learn to self-govern, and assume leadership positions within their houses. It has been found that recovering substance abusers living in this type of setting develop a strong sense of bonding with similar others who share common abstinence goals. By receiving abstinence support, guidance, and information from other recovery home members committed to the goal of long-term sobriety and abstinence, reduces the probability of relapse.

The guidelines for the model are based on three simple concepts: The resident pays rent and contributes to the maintenance of the home; the resident abstains from using alcohol or other drugs; and lastly, the resident agrees not to display disruptive behavior within the house.

This is guided through a hierarchy of individuals. Starting with Team Leaders in each house setting, to House Directors, Liaisons, Executive Director, and Board of Directors.
With this philosophy in mind, our homes offer a structured, safe, clean, drug-free environment and a positive setting to engage in life outside of a treatment setting. The homes use the 12 principles of recovery as a foundation for living. We offer a family experience, where individuals can rely on each other in both good times and bad.
Residents are required to actively and aggressively pursue recovery and will be guided through the process by incorporating a diverse group of peer mentors. This will take place in a group and an individual setting.

A structured schedule allows for educational groups, individualized mentoring, personal reflection, and life-skill building tasks.

Services offered include providing a safe, sober, shared living space, where staff promotes sobriety, healthy living habits, life skills training, structure, a solid support system, and job placement assistance.

All males over the age of 18 are welcome, and no one is discriminated against due to their race, religion, age, etc. Each member must self-identify as to their income level as part of the intake process. To be eligible to enter the program, the participant must be drug/alcohol-free for a minimum of 30 days (usually coming out of a treatment program that verifies the length of sobriety). The programs are open 24/7, and the Foundation has been in existence since 2012 (and is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary).

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 45-4675913


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