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A large amount of agent orange spread during the Vietnam War has led the Vietnamese children being born with a disability to this day. In particular, central Vietnam was affected more than other regions in Vietnam, there are more children with congenital disorders in the region. In addition, the area is a rural area with a high poverty rate and it lacks various facilities. Parents in the area have to work during the daytime since they have to make a living for the family members. However, parents of children with disability (CWD) cannot fully focus on working and they are more likely to be suffering from poverty. That is why a facility to take care CWDs during the daytime is necessary to let the parents focus on work.

The economic activity of the parents is a crucial factor that affects the life of CWDs. The best way to help the parents focus on work is to establish a daycare center and take care of the CWDs during the daytime on behalf of their parents. Medipeace has established 17 daycare centers so far in central Vietnam-in Quang Tri, Quang Nam province-and built an environment that enables the parents to fully focus on making a living and making the life of CWDs sustainable. In addition, they have been managing daycare centers to successfully perform their roles such as taking care of CWDs and providing rehabilitation therapy and education.

Through the daycare center, they can support the parents of CWDs so that they can ease their minds and focus on work. It will make the life of the family of the CWD sustainable and in the long run, help them emerge from poverty. Also, proper care, rehabilitation therapy, and education for the CWDs will be provided. If you support us, they are going to build more daycare centers in Vietnam, more CWDs in need of help will receive appropriate services, and their families will have an opportunity to go through poverty.

Medipeace bands together with the local community to support CWDs in Vietnam. Since 2009, Medipeace has been continuing its activities to support the children victims of agent orange during the Vietnam War. They have built daycare centers with priority given to the areas with great damage by agent orange; Quang Tri and Quang Nam Province, and have been taking care of CWDs during daytime and supporting the parents so that they can fully focus on making a living. In addition, they have been cultivating rehabilitation therapists for the CWDs to get rehabilitation therapy inside the local community, and providing assistive technology devices. Moreover, they have been helping CWDs to be educated about non-disabled children, and psychologically supporting the parents while raising a disabled child so that they can manage their mental health. Since they have been continuing activities for the CWDs and their families for a long time, they have been working with the local government of Vietnam based on great trust to this day.

Medipeace will keep working for the CWDs in Vietnam to live a healthy and happy life. With your donation, they are able to build daycare centers and take care of the children, support the parents only to focus on making a living, and help the children and the families enjoy a better day, and a better life.

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