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LIFE School, Panajachel, Guatemala

Bilingual K-6 school in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

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Since our opening in 1989, our mission has been to develop leadership capacity and provide a truly multicultural education based on the humanist philosophy of Robert Muller (former UN Assistant General). Our Commitment to Our Community Since the founding of the LIFE School in 1989, we have been committed to finding ways to serve the community of Panajachel and the broader Lake Atitlan region. A key part of this effort has been our ongoing program offering academic scholarships sponsorships to the children of local indigenous families who could otherwise not afford to provide their children with the kind of unique educational experiences and opportunities created at the LIFE School. Our Approach to Education In organizing our classrooms and schedules, we seek to create spaces and activities that involve movement and foster communication and creativity. We keep our classes small, generally not more than sixteen students, so that teachers can be sure that each student remains involved and receives the attention they need. In our learning activities, we recognize that there are multiple intelligences and that students have different kinds of learning styles. In the process, we seek to develop minds that are investigative, observant, inquisitive, open-minded, and able to concentrate on complex issues. We want our students to become life-long learners. Our Curriculum Our curriculum is firmly internationalist in its orientation, committed to studying and understanding the world from many different perspectives and through the many voices of people from all over the globe. Through their study of science, history, current events, literature, and the arts, we want our students to explore the unity of our human condition through the diversity of its manifestations - to recognize and respect the multiplicity and variety of cultures, religions, and arts that are all expressions of our common humanity. In addition to giving our students a solid academic preparation, we strive to help our students grow into open-minded, aware, and fulfilled human beings, people who are aware of their own and other's positive potentials. We also want our students to develop moral qualities that acknowledge the dignity and respect that others deserve, and that includes empathy toward the feelings and experiences of other people. Likewise, our curriculum is also strongly ecological in orientation, committed to helping our students recognize the interconnectedness and fragility of our biosphere, and their role in helping preserve it. Visa mer

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