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Louis D. Brown was a 15-year-old sophomore in the fall of 1993. Louis looked forward to college, and was planning to pursue a PhD. He was an avid reader and interested in engineering. Louis often mentioned to his family and friends his long-term goal of becoming the first, black President of the United States and his commitment to making his community a more peaceful and just place.

Louis was caught in a fatal crossfire shootout near his home in Dorchester, Massachusetts in December of 1993. During that time, there were no resources in place in Boston for Survivors of Homicide Victims and Louis’ family left the hospital empty-handed and empty-hearted.

Louis’ parents, Joseph and Clementina Chéry, co-founded the Peace Institute in 1994 to honor his legacy and continue the peacemaking work he was leading. Their goals were to teach young people the value of peace, focus on the assets of community and support Survivors of Homicide Victims.

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