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Saves lives in the world's most remote communities.

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Last Mile Health saves lives in the world's most remote communities. Our vision is a health worker for everyone, everywhere.

Nearly nine million people around the world die each year from preventable causes, simply because of where they live. This inequity—shaped by global systems designed by those who hold power and privilege—is especially acute in rural and remote communities, where an estimated two billion people live beyond the reach of the health system.

We partner with governments to build strong community health systems that equip professionalized community health workers to provide essential, primary healthcare to the world’s most remote communities.

Studies have shown that professional community health workers reduce child mortality, improve maternal health outcomes, and provide essential surveillance and response during disease outbreaks. They are also highly cost-effective, with up to a 10:1 return on investment.

Over the next five years (July 2023–June 2028), Last Mile Health will deepen our impact in four to six community health systems and influence community health financing—all in service of ensuring that more people can equitably access quality healthcare. We will work with the governments of Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, and Sierra Leone (with the potential to scale to one to two additional countries in Africa) to improve community health systems. In parallel, we will influence community health funding, practice, and policy across Africa to improve how up to $2 billion in sustainable funding is invested in community health as part of Africa Frontline First.

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