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Affordable, small-scale service projects in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, East Africa.

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Lalafofofo's Mission
We build bridges between youths in the United States and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Through long-term partnerships and collaboration, we are creating solutions together to help Tanzanians help themselves and create a better future for their country; while equipping American youth with the knowledge, experience and skills required to be global citizens. The aim is to contribute towards a more sustainable and positive world for our global youth.

Our vision is to see youth in rural Kilimanjaro rise out of poverty, to grow and thrive in their communities; as well as to inspire American youth to rise to the challenge of contributing to innovative, real-world, cross-national solutions.

Lalafofofo believes that education is the key to improving the lives of rural Kilimanjaro children living in extreme poverty. By focusing on poor, rural schools, and limiting our scope to a relatively small geographic area, we are having a significant impact on more than a thousand lives in Tanzania.

Our work engages and educates American youth by connecting them and their families with small-scale service and community-sustaining projects that address some of the community’s most urgent needs. This inclusive process introduces the youth to the complexities and challenges of development. This real-world application instills an appreciation for the complex layers of skills required to navigate development aid, thereby fostering compassionate leadership and global citizenship.

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