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Kopernik is a research and development lab to find effective solutions that address social and environmental challenges.

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We find what works by experimenting with potential solutions that address social and environmental challenges. We engage partners from the development, public and private sectors to advance products, services and approaches that support underserved communities, as well as creative actors in advocating social and environmental issues.

We apply two key approaches to achieve this:

Lean experimentation
Kopernik believes that lean experimentation has great potential to find innovative and practical solutions that address social and environmental challenges. We focus on the early phases of the innovation funnel and conduct rapid, small-scale experiments to find potential solutions. The experiments may be technology-driven or approaches inspired by behavioral insights, and are typically implemented with a local partner or through a request from one of our clients.

Solutions in Action
Kopernik believes in sharing our findings, and in building partnerships with organizations that can implement impactful solutions on a bigger scale. Our innovative and practical solutions to address social and environmental issues typically come out of our lean experimentation process. We then collaborate with local governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, the creative sector, and academia to put practical solutions into action through a range of initiatives, including:

Technology Distribution by sourcing simple and affordable products that address problems typically faced by people living in the last mile. We distribute these technologies directly to communities in collaboration with trusted local partners.

Disaster Response to help families, communities, and evacuation centers recover and rebuild with simple technologies and emergency needs such as food supplies, shelter, and hygiene kits.

Capacity Development to help empower vulnerable communities such as women and young people through training, workshops, and mentoring.

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