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About Keio

Established in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa as a school of Western studies, Keio University has a history as Japan’s first private institution of higher learning. Over 160 years since its founding, Keio has thrived under its founder’s motto of jitsugaku, or “empirical science”, as it continues to revolutionize and support Japan through contributions to education, research, and medicine.

Jitsugaku (実学)

Jitsugaku is a way of learning about the world through the application of reason, observation, and verification, as articulated by Keio University’s founder Yukichi Fukuzawa. It stemmed from his desire to break free of the Confucian ideals that informed scholarship in 19th-century Japan. Jitsugaku is “science” in the truest sense of the word, and a powerful tool in Keio University’s unceasing search for practical solutions to real-life problems.


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