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Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD)

We are network organization for responding disaster and coordinate all stakeholders to support affected people by disasters.

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Coordination meeting during disaster


We coordinate all stakeholders' response efforts to make sure that we can reduces duplication of aids and provide aids according to needs. We can supports facilitate the communication of stakeholders and support civil society to have relevant information in timely manner.

Responding the earthquake of Noto peninsula in Japan occurred on 1st of January 2024, we send assessment teams to the affected area on the next day. We have been supporting NGOs and CSOs, providing updated information and working as communication hub with local governments and other stakeholders.


We support to connect people, NGOs/CSOs, foundation, academia, governments and all other stakeholders to prepare future disaster trough convening meetings and
facilitating discussion.

We also provide the training for disaster coordinators who can work for local intermediate organizations during disaster. We also publish guidelines for coordination in disaster to enhance better understanding of all stakeholders.


We value the good communication among stakeholders. We have regular/irregular
meetings with stakeholders on better collaboration and preparedness for the
disaster. We also hold Annual Conference every year. At the 7th Conference in
2023, we had more than 400 participants from various sectors.


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