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To investigate, help prosecute and prevent cruelty to animals while promoting adoption awareness and humane education.

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First and foremost, we thank everyone who has adopted for choosing adoption as the best option! Here you will find some remarkable stories that will make you smile and help you understand why each and every one of us at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter believes in second chances. Often many of us, including staff members and regular volunteers keep in touch with some of the adopters because we all fall in love with many different animals each day that touch our hearts for one reason or another. Bittersweet tears frequent our faces each day when we must say good bye to some of our special friends (who we bonded with while caring for them) on their special day when we get to send them off to a better life.
We wish more people got to see the “before and after” pictures, or that priceless look on an animal’s face when you watch as he/she anxiously leaps into a car to finally go to their FOREVER HOME. Many people ask, "how can you handle working at a shelter?" True, most days bring each of us heartbreak but that "aha moment" is exactly why each member of the team at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter does what we do, every day.

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