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Venezuela has the most rapid increase of child malnutrition and mortality in its history and the history of the region. AID FOR AIDS (AFA) is building the movement HEALING VENEZUELA to respond to this tragedy. Infant malnutrition has catastrophic impacts, thence, AFA is determined to create awareness about the effects of this drastic humanitarian crisis by emphasizing the fact that together we can fight the systematic oppression that is taking many lives, particularly those of babies, by bringing the food they need to survive. Infants in Venezuela are born into a reality where food scarcity is the norm for everyone except for very few, putting them in an increasingly precarious state as conditions worsen daily.

According to the most recent data published by a Minister of Health in Venezuela in 2016, who was fired because of it, showed that 11,446 babies less than a year old died because of malnutrition, representing a 30% increase from the year before. We know that these margins increased drastically since 2016 because of estimates in 2017 that every week between 5 and 6 babies die in Venezuela due to malnutrition, according to data reported by Caritas Venezuela.

Under these circumstances, our movement Healing Venezuela is determined to create awareness about this alarming situation in Venezuela, and to fight until we all together put a stop to it.

Venezuela has the fastest growth in malnutrition and infant mortality in the world, and this is why AID FOR AIDS (AFA) is developing the SANANDO A VENEZUELA (HEALING VENEZUELA) movement to respond to this tragedy. The impact of child malnutrition has catastrophic consequences, AFA is determined to raise awareness about the results that this dramatic humanitarian crisis is leaving, emphasizing that together we can generate change and reduce the number of victims, bringing them the nutrients they need.

The vast majority of babies in Venezuela are born into a reality in which food shortages are the norm, which puts them in a precarious situation and at risk of malnutrition as the situation worsens every day. This is exacerbated in babies born to mothers who cannot breastfeed, either because of their health situation, because they are orphaned at birth, or are abandoned.

According to the latest official data published by the Minister of Health in Venezuela, in 2016 11,446 children under 1 year of age died from malnutrition, representing an increase of 30% over the previous year. We know that these figures have had a drastic increase since 2016, estimating in 2017 that every week between 5 and 6 children die in Venezuela from malnutrition, according to figures reported by Caritas Venezuela.

Under these circumstances, through the HEALING VENEZUELA movements, (SANANDO A VENEZUELA) we give a tangible response to lessen the impact of this unprecedented crisis. Join our movement so that together we heal Venezuela. Let's start with our babies.

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