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Spreading love and caring to children and the elderly who are in need of comfort and solacing.

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Good Bears of the World (GBW), a caring and giving charity, was founded in 1969 by the late radio pioneer, James Theodore Ownby, Colonel Robert Henderson from England, and English actor, Peter Bull, in Bern, Switzerland.

GBW Headquarters were located in Mr. Ownby’s radio station KNDI, in Honolulu until the organization subsequently relocated their headquarters to Toledo, Ohio in 1991 after Mr. Ownby passed away in 1986.

It was Mr. Ownby's dream to spread love and caring to children and the elderly who were in need of comfort with teddy bears. His dream has been carried on over four decades by members worldwide.

GBW was the first group to donate teddy bears to police departments in the early 80’s. This program has gained tremendous popularity in the last few decades.

Since their founding, GBW has given hundreds of thousands of teddy bears to those in need of love and a hug.

The Oklahoma City bombing, the crash of TWA flight 800, events of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, Kansas tornados and floods and the Fukashima Nuclear Disaster are some of the tragedies where we have gifted our Good Bears.

Firemen, policemen, emergency workers, psychologists, and grief counselors have discovered the teddy bear's magical healing power is invaluable when given to children and their families in traumatic situations.

GBW is still vigorous and growing!

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