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Golestan is part of a movement to help schools prioritize raising kind and innovative changemakers of tomorrow.

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The mission of Golestan is to support the development of curious, kind, and altruistic children through experiential and heuristic learning, with a special focus on environmental stewardship and global competency.

Golestan Education does this through the following offerings:

The School: Our laboratory school gives our students a deep understanding and respect for the world they live in through a thoughtful inquiry based pedagogical practice. The children at our school understand their role in the world as the people responsible for its wellbeing. Educators from the public and private sectors all over the world use the school as a model for thoughtful and intentional child-centric practices and pedagogy.

The Colab: To empower and support educators and communities to rethink how schools should look and operate, and to create their ideal learning environment for children by offering pro-bono consultancy and resources in the following areas: 1) the integration and application of hands-on and experiential learning practices and approaches, and 2) environmental stewardship and global competency.

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