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Non-Profit Farmed Animal Sanctuary dedicated to providing a loving, lifetime home to farmed animals in need & promoting veganism.

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Full Circle Farm Sanctuary acknowledges that farmed animals are among the most abused animals on the planet. As a counterpoint to the undeniable cruelty and exploitation inherent in factory farming practices and within the animal agriculture industry as a whole, Full Circle Farm Sanctuary exists in order to provide sustained, nurturing, safe and loving lifetime homes for individual farmed animals who otherwise would continue to face horrendous suffering, neglect and horrific, violently premature deaths. Further, we exist to inform and to educate the public in regards to the innate beauty, dignity and worth of each and every individual animal through one-on-one interactions with our precious animal residents. To that end, we further acknowledge that the best way to alleviate animal suffering, sustain the environment, prevent world hunger, and improve human health is to embrace the compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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