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Fighting food insecurity is our mission—repurposing surplus produce is our solution.

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No one should have to go to bed hungry while perfectly viable produce goes to waste. This produce shouldn’t have to be “rescued” from rotting in fields or being sent to the landfill, either; why were we ever letting this produce go to waste in the first place? These are systemic issues that our society needs to address. In a perfect world, The Farmlink Project wouldn’t need to exist—systems would be in place to streamline the supply chain so that zero percent, rather than 30 to 40 percent, of food grown in the United States went to waste.

For now, The Farmlink Project is acting as the “link” connecting the broken supply chains in the agricultural and food access industries. Our long-term goal is to set up infrastructure which will render our work obsolete. If there were no food waste, if there were no hungry people lining up outside understocked and underfunded food banks, there would be no need for The Farmlink Project. That’s the dream. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we get there, though. We need you to help us put ourselves out of business.

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