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Fighting Hunger in the Community Since 1975 (650) 323-7781 2411 Pulgas Ave., East Palo Alto

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EHP Pledge EHP is a special kind of community, a neighborhood of committed individuals and groups. In our neighborhood, people care for one another. We look after each other's welfare. We lift up those who are down. We express confidence in those who are disheartened. We support one another in a host of tangible and intangible ways. We believe in each other and encourage in those around us the self-respect needed to live in dignity. Through the relationships that our neighborhood provides, we can achieve the degree of self-sufficiency and self-worth that we all need to live useful and meaningful lives. The foundation of the EHP neighborhood is a moral concern for the well-being of those around us. Our core is comprised of a dedicated staff and volunteers who give many hours of service. In this spirit, we welcome all people of goodwill to join in the common cause of providing assistance to people in need. Those of us who give as well as those of us who receive are strengthened and sustained within this community. Our Mission For many people engaged in the struggle to keep body and soul together, a sudden crisis can prove overwhelming. We believe that appropriate and timely assistance can often prevent a temporary crisis from becoming permanent, thus interrupting what has been called "the cycle of poverty." In any situation, the way forward is one step at a time. Very often, the first step is to meet basic needs, making further steps possible. Providing for more than material needs, EHP seeks to be a companion to "sharing bread with" those who are experiencing difficult times. We work directly with individuals and their families to help them find the strength and resources they need to face the turmoil and despair that can threaten to overcome them. We offer both a helping hand and a supportive relationship. We seek to keep hope and spirit alive even when hardship seems overwhelming.

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