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Environment, Education and Community in the Gulf of Thailand

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EcoThailand Foundation is a community based 'grass roots' charitable foundation working in the Gulf of Thailand to support and strengthen the key links between environment, education and communities.


Working to promote, support and develop environmental sustainability, regeneration, awareness, guardianship and direct action among children, youth, local adult groups and businesses in the Thai Gulf to achieve locally agreed goals for the benefit of the environment and all of its diverse communities.


Believing in the power of change and that the best gift we can give to future generations, and a valuable legacy we can leave behind us, to help empower students to be leaders and guardians for sustainability and positive change, by enhancing local education using activity based learning - Engaging the youth of today to protect the planet of tomorrow .


Community Foundations come in all shapes and sizes, but what we all have in a common is a strong commitment to making a difference to people’s lives and the places they live. EcoThailand strives to be local champions, connecting people and organizations that want to improve their communities. They invest in local people and organizations tackling the issues facing communities today and supporting some of Thailands’s disadvantaged people.

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