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Focused on building better communities. We provide educational programs designed to cultivate young minds for life long success!

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Community Level Up has a goal to help members from urban communities reach success in life! We provide educational programs focused around financial literacy, arts & communication, and business creation. We develop programs for urban youth aged 14-24. We are not only educators, we are mentors that create positive relationships that last a lifetime. We believe education should be a level playing field across the world & our programs are designed to help achieve that mission! We emphasize that our mentors focus on taking the time to learn about each youth, so they can truly help them reach full potential on their journey through life!

For too long urban communities have been disconnected from the education system. We help to bridge that gap by creating collaborations and programs geared towards bringing these two entities together! We educate our members to value & dedicate time to developing their personal likes and skill sets while also being a productive positive student in school! With the right guidance and leadership given during youth years, we can increase the success rate while decreasing the poverty rate for members in urban communities around the world!
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 83-3429144