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Chan Meditation Center(法鼓山紐約東初禪寺)

The Chan Meditation Center was founded with the purpose of bringing Chinese Chan [Zen] Buddhism to the Western world.

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The Chan Meditation Center(CMC), located in Elmhurst(Queens), New York, was founded by the late Chan Master Sheng Yen in 1977 with the purpose of bringing Chinese Chan[Zen] Buddhism to the Western world. CMC is open year round. The organization runs various programs to teach the doctrine and practice
of Chan Buddhism, to promote the purification of human life, and to preserve traditional Chinese culture.
We also publish the quarterly Chan Magazine in English, and are associated with Dharma Drum Publications, which has published a series of books by Master Sheng Yen, and Dharma Drum Retreat Center in Pine Bush, NY. The Center is also a small monastery where bhikshus and bhikshunis (fully ordained monks and nuns) live and practice the traditional precepts. Among the activities offered at CMC are: meditation classes/retreats, Dharma classes, Tai-Chi classes, Sunday Dharma talks and Buddhist services, Monday evening chanting practice, and Tuesday evening meditation practice. We welcome all those interested in meditation and the study and practice of Buddhism, regardless of background, age, religion or ethnic origin.

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