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Lil BUB's Better World Fundraiser

By Lil BUB's Big Fund


Lil BUB is teaming up with Sycamore Land Trust, Power of Zero to help prevent bullying in schools, and Milo's Sanctuary for pets.


Lil BUB’s Better World Fundraiser raises money for four organizations very close to BUB’s heart by investing in our planet, our children, our pets, and our future.

The organizations we have chosen to support with this campaign are doing the work that BUB believes in: Sycamore Land Trust for land preservation, Power of Zero to prevent bullying in schools and online, Milo's Sanctuary for the care of homeless pets with special needs, and our own Lil BUB's Big FUND, whose mission is to bring these causes together.

Every individual donation will be matched up to $100, with a total campaign match of up to $50,000!