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BPS is on a mission to make psychedelic healing a publicly accessible good by becoming the world's first psychedelic co-op.

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Founded in 2015, BPS is seeking to make psychedelic healing a publicly accessible good (like libraries do for books) by creating a nationwide network of psychedelic co-ops.

A psychedelic co-op is a democratically governed, community-based healing center. We think this is a model that can serve as a scalable, regenerative alternative to the more corporate medical approach to psychedelic healing.

The only problem? Psychedelic co-ops don't exist yet! And that's where Brooklyn Psychedelic Society comes in.

We're on a mission to become the very first psychedelic co-op that can serve as a pilot for the rest of the world. There are 110 psychedelic societies alone in the US and hundreds more around the globe. This is an emergent, grassroots network that contains the seeds for a true paradigm shift. If we can make this model work in Brooklyn, we can make it work not only with other psychedelic societies, but any community that would eventually like to have its own democratically governed healing center.

A psychedelic co-op has three primary functions: delivering top quality education and harm reduction on psychedelics, building community, and delivering safe, legal community-based transformational experiences.

Because a psychedelic co-op's offerings are community based, this will make the experiences not only more affordable but also more impactful. Why? Because it solves for something no traditional clinic can: isolation and loneliness. The community nurtured and supported by the co-op model will be a backbone of support for individuals pursuing healing and flourishing.

By supporting us at the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, you are helping kick off the psychedelic co-op movement in a direct and impactful way. With your support, we will get to practice the democratic governance models and community-based healing programming that thousands of communities around the world can use and reshape to fit their local needs. Paradigm shifting medicines need paradigm shifting contexts, and with your support we can make that happen, together.

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