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Beyond Housing

Saint Louis, MO


Helps entire communities become better places to live.

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Our mission is to help entire communities become better places to live. We exist because home matters. We began with actual houses and housing preservation, focusing on quality and stability to give people a place to start. But, there is more to a home than the house. Home is about the life that happens in and around the house as well as the life that fuels and draws out the best of the people within it. Beyond Housing is a community development organization that works in defined geographies like the Normandy School District in order to focus our resources where we can have the greatest impact. While most organizations focus on one, maybe two, impact areas within a community, we understand that, in order to have a real impact, we must focus on all of the areas that make up a thriving community-housing, education, health, job readiness/access and economic development. Vezi mai mult

Mid-sized organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 51-0179471


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