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Bangkok Post Foundation provides educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Thailand.

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The Bangkok Post Foundation was established in 1982 with an initial funding of 500,000 baht provided by the Post Publishing Company Limited. Its main objective was to give children from poor families the same opportunity to attend school as other Thai children. The foundation also supported the rebuilding of schools affected by natural disasters, first in Ban Saphli in Chumphon province after Typhoon Gay hit in November 2008, as well as those devastated by the 2004 tsunami and the mega flood in 2011.

Since its inception with eight children, the foundation has distributed thousands of scholarships to underprivileged students nationwide, including orphans and children with disabilities. There are no obligations placed on the selected students who receive our support until they graduate. Scholarships are granted on the basis of needfulness. To date, Almost 400 students have graduated from universities and vocational colleges, established their careers, and made significant contributions to society

Bangkok Post Foundation currently provides support for 97 students in primary and secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities across the country.

Additional funds and more donations are needed to continue this work since all recipients will receive the support from the Bangkok Post Foundation until they complete their highest education.

Despite economic difficulties over the past years, the foundation has tirelessly sought to increase its support for needy students by organising different fundraising events to supplement donations received from generous donors. All the donated money goes purely for the cost of education with no deductions for administrative costs.



For the academic year ending May 2023, the Bangkok Post Foundation is proud to announce some successes as follows:

Pritsana Saentramas, 1st Class Honours

Bachelor of Education (Thai language), Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University, Kanchanaburi Province

Ms. Pritsana had a strong passion for the Thai language and dreamt of becoming a teacher. During her early years, she lived in Kongmongta Village with her parents, who earned a modest income working in the rice fields.

Upon completing secondary school, she aimed to further her education at Udomsitthisuksa School in Sangkhla District, which was quite a distance from her home. To save on travel expenses, she resided with the nuns at Wat Tai Temple.

Ms. Pritsana's elder sister had already received a Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship to study Thai language education at Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University. Inspired by her sister's path, Ms. Pritsana applied for the same scholarship and was granted it. She received consistent support from the Bangkok Post Foundation throughout her high school and university journey, which was invaluable to her family during their challenging financial times.

Graduating with First-Class Honuors, Ms. Pritsana successfully passed the government teaching recruitment examination for an assistant teaching position. Her lifelong dream of becoming a state teacher has now come true, allowing her to impart her knowledge to young students in her hometown, where education is vital for the Karen community's livelihood. She is deeply grateful to the Foundation for making her dreams a reality.

Supawadee Boonsong 1st Class Honours

Bachelor of Science (Associated Medical Science), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Province

Ms. Supawadee comes from Songkhla Province. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was just 12 years old, leaving her to live with her elderly mother, who earned a meagre income by tapping rubber trees.

In an effort to alleviate her mother's financial burden, Ms. Supawadee temporarily resided with relatives in Sadao District. There, she completed her high school education at Sadao Khanchaikamphalanonanusorn School in Songkhla Province.

Ms. Supawadee excelled in her studies, particularly in science, physics, and mathematics. She aspired to work in a hospital to gain medical knowledge and prepare for a career involving children with special needs. She was accepted to study Associated Medical Science at Chiang Mai University. Although this achievement brought pride to her mother, their family's financial situation remained precarious, leading her mother to take out a loan to cover Ms. Supawadee's first year of education.

While at Chiang Mai University, Ms. Supawadee applied for the Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship campaign in hopes of relieving her mother's financial burden and completing her degree. Her application was approved, providing support until her graduation.

Ms. Supawadee expressed profound gratitude to the Foundation for its funding assistance throughout her remaining years at the university. With unwavering determination, she achieved her educational goals.

Currently, Ms. Supawadee works at a clinic specialising in child development in Phatthalung Province. There, she offers guidance and care to children exhibiting autistic symptoms, including those with delayed language development, special needs, and behavioral issues resulting from excessive use of mobile devices.