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Dog rescue organization dedicated to finding new homes for loving, homeless animals.

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The Animal Rescue Network of New England’s (ARNNE) primary purpose is to provide care and shelter for rescued homeless dogs and place them in their permanent homes. ARNNE works with a network of shelters and rescue organizations throughout the United States, all working together for a common good.

ARNNE’s mission is to curb the problem of ‘high-kill’ shelters, by saving the lives of the many deserving pets and giving them a second chance at life. Many shelters across the country must kill dogs when the shelter is overcrowded in order to make room for incoming animals. Meanwhile, in another shelter across state borders, there are no dogs available for adoption. An opportunity for a pet to find a “forever” home is lost, because it sits waiting. By Networking, animals are transported from high-kill, high-traffic, and overcrowded shelters to new Hampshire where we have an abundance of adopters. ARNNE also helps out the local community by helping local dog owners rehome their dogs when necessary. And by holding low cost rabies clinics so that local residents can keep their dogs up to date on vaccinations.

A secondary, but equally important, mission of ARNNE is to enlighten and educate the public about the pet overpopulation problem. Buying puppies and kittens from pet stores and irresponsible backyard breeders only produces a demand for more puppies and kittens, thus perpetuating the problem. Encouraging the adoption of rescued homeless dogs is paramount in this part of ARNNE’s mission.

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