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Helping young kids through introduction of the Uyghur culture and shaping young minds to reach for the stars.

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Preserving and advancing Uyghur language and arts have always been a priority for the Uyghurs in the diaspora. Since 1998, Uyghurs in Northern Virginia have gathered voluntarily to teach younger generations the language. The Uyghur community came together to create a weekly language school a few times until Ana Care and Education was officially established to formalize the Uyghur School in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

While the Uyghur language has been under threat for decades in the Uyghur homeland, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) current cultural genocide against Uyghurs underscores the critical role of the diaspora in preserving and advancing Uyghur language and arts.

We hope that with various opportunities to connect and use the Uyghur language, and through the power of community, we can create a generational impact to preserve the Uyghur language and identity.

Fairfax, VA
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