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AHSA AI Health Security Platform

AI tech responds to health crises and recommends actions to efficiently plan, move, and manage supplies.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the poorly developed health systems in most of Africa are unable to deliver health security nationally impacting health security globally. Not only is funding inadequate, but they lack a holistic framework to efficiently serve and utilize healthcare supply value-chains.

Xetova has developed AHSA, a platform that provides real-time insights and forecasts emerging crises and needs. Its robust analytics foundation and machine learning models synthesize data sets from across health value chains. To enhance preparedness and responsiveness, AHSA triggers and prescribes actions to efficiently plan, move, and manage supplies in response to health crises.

By improving the effectiveness of their healthcare supply chains, AHSA aims to support African countries to be adequately prepared and capable of effectively responding to present or future health threats.

A successful pilot is currently ongoing in Kenya, the first of its kind in the region. This platform can be scaled globally, not simply for healthcare but for any industries driven by procurement processes.

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