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Providing art-based learning experiences for rural learners in the Indian Himalayan Region

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With the belief that education is the catalyst for social transformation, Aarohi runs an Education Outreach Program aiming to improve the quality of education within the public education system. The work has a direct impact on the ground and also leads to shifts in educational discourse and practices.

The project includes forming a core team of promising local educators, planning and implementing a robust, structured capacity-building engagement for the team and government school teachers in language and mathematics. It involves introducing creative, art-based learning platforms to improve the quality of education available to children in intervention settings. It collaborates with District and Block Education Officers to identify intervention schools and centers, encouraging contextualized curriculum and activity-based learning and advocating for adequate resourcing of remote schools. The project offers specific opportunities to share the learning and experiences from the projects with a larger group of educators across the country.


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