Youth Timebanking St. Pete. "Our youth. Changing tomorrow's world today."

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Imagine with us…
Teaching kids from 13 and up, especially those who live in marginalized communities, that they are valued for being just exactly who they are right here right now. What would happen if they got "Karma Kredits" for doing good deeds for their families and friends, neighbors, and their community? They could do things like helping someone younger than them read or do math homework. They could read to their elders! Or maybe they could cut a lawn, rake leaves, or help pull weeds for a neighbor, how about paint a fence? Let's say they make beaded name collars for a pet shelter for animals that get adopted or are taught to crochet a hat for the local neonatal unit for premises? Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

Let's take it a step further and let those kids meet weekly and come up with their OWN ideas to reach out to their community and we credit/value their time for doing so. Think of the possibilities. Our youth are our future.

That's what Youth Timebanking St. Pete (YTB STPETE) is all about. In St. Petersburg, Florida we're helping our youth make age-appropriate choices that expand their awareness of community and teach them how to make a difference by being exactly who they are and doing what they love to do. YTB STPETE. "Our youth. Changing tomorrow's world today."

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