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The Heal Foundation is a nonprofit providing financial assistance to individuals with mental health & substance use disorders.

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Impact Statement: We can reduce drug-related overdose deaths and suicide rates by providing the resources needed to access treatment services, clinicians, and medical providers. Financial scholarships for professional treatment awarded to those without resources will make an impact on the individuals, their families, loved ones and local communities.

Our Mission: To provide long-term, trauma-based, mental health and substance use disorder treatment to individuals with financial need.

Our Vision: To see every individual in need, receive mental health and substance use treatment, without barriers to care.

The Heal Foundation

The foundation is the charitable arm of HEAL Behavioral Health Inc., and a fiscal sponsee of the Edward Charles Foundation. The foundation is comprised of behavioral health professionals along with experienced non-profit directors to come together to fulfill our organization mission. Seeing the successful transformations of HEAL Behavioral Health alumni members following their treatment, undoubtedly furthered our mission to make the Heal Model of treatment available to all those that need it. The foundation aims to raise funds to give willing individuals an opportunity to receive long-term treatment at HEAL Behavioral Health and have the best chance at changing their lives.

The Heal Model

A cornerstone of The Heal Model is Heal Behavioral Health’ robust clinical and medical program, which integrates evidence-based treatment modalities to provide comprehensive care. HEAL's focus is intensive trauma treatment, recognizing that unresolved trauma is often at the root of substance use and mental health disorders. Through modalities like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Somatic Therapy, we help our patients heal from the inside out.

We understand the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, and our psychiatric and medical services reflect this. Led by a board-certified psychiatrist, our team works to diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health conditions, while also monitoring and addressing the physical health needs of our patients.

Long-term treatment is a fundamental principle of The Heal Model. We believe in the power of sustained therapeutic engagement to bring about profound change. Each individual receives a personalized treatment plan crafted to their unique needs, setting the stage for a recovery journey that extends far beyond their stay with us.

Set on a serene 5-acre horse ranch, HEAL Behavioral Health offers an environment that facilitates healing on a profound level. Surrounded by nature and a variety of animals, patients find solace, companionship, and therapeutic benefits. The immersive experience at The HEAL Ranch aids in grounding, stress relief, and the cultivation of compassion and empathy – essential components of a healthy healing process.

Complementing our core clinical and medical services, we offer a range of holistic amenities and therapies. Patients have the opportunity to engage in equine therapy, chiropractic care, and art therapy, among other offerings. These therapies enrich the recovery process, allowing patients to explore new skills, express themselves creatively, and foster a sense of wellness and balance.

By blending traditional and holistic treatments, intensive trauma work, and immersion in nature, The Heal Model offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to recovery. Our aim is not just to help individuals abstain from harmful substances, but to empower them to cultivate healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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The Heal Foundation
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